What is dental implant?





Periodontal ligament





Stages of implant placement.

Implant placement.

Implants replace roots of damaged or missing teeth. They are placed beneath soft tissues into the bone. New bone will form around the implant due to “osteointegration”. It is a simple procedure, which can be done in a dental chair. Most patients do not have any discomfort during the procedure. As usual, implant placement is not any more difficult than any dental manipulation. 

Fixing a healing abutment. 

After the implant has integrated into the bone, the doctor will perform a manipulation, called “uncovering”, in other words, he will “open” the implant and put ahealing abutment, so that the gum can grow properly. A fewdays later an impression will be taken, and a temporary abutment fabricated. Abutment is a connection between the implant and the crown, it supports your temporary tooth, while your permanent crown is being fabricated.

Fabrication of your new tooth.

Your new tooth is fabricated from dental materials and ceramics, it will repeat the shape and shade of natural teeth. The new restoration will not only allow you to enjoy your favorite food but also smile whenever you want!

Dental implants are an ideal solution to replace missing teeth. The implant replaces the root, the abutment is fixed into the implant, and the crown is fixed on the abutment. Implants can also be used to stabilize removable dentures.