Modern techniques of working with soft and hard tissues in implant treatment

Клинов Александр


Dr. Klinov Alexander

Oral and maxillofacial surgeon, implantologist In 1987 he graduated from the Krasnoyarsk state medical University. She has over 12 years experience oral and maxillofacial surgeon, has performed over 5,000 difficult surgical operations. Currently leading surgeon-implantologist, the head doctor of the clinic "AtisFaber", Chelyabinsk. Assistant of Department of surgical stomatology of GBOU VPO Chelgma the health Ministry of Russia. Full member of ITI. Member of the European Academy of osseointegration (EAO) since 2009 Trained at the world's leading experts in the field of surgical dentistry and implantology, as well as refresher courses at institutions of GIDE and UCLA, USA. Lecturer to several international and regional conferences, specializiruetsya on carrying out implant treatment in difficult clinical conditions.

23-24 April 2016, Chelyabinsk, Russia
Modern techniques of working with soft and hard tissues in implant treatment

Modern methods of increase of the ridge for dental implants. Sinus lift:

A. Clinical and radiological substantiation of operations for Directed Tissue Regeneration:
- elevation of maxillary sinus floor for placement of implants with the aim of obtaining long-term stable clinical outcome.
- Simultaneous elevation of the maxillary sinus bottom and NRCT alveolar bone using a tent methods, techniques "sausage" technique with the use of reinforced membrane

B. Some of the subtleties of the operations runs as follows:
- Recruitment/selection of patients
- Treatment planning
- Guided bone regeneration. Capacity crest horizontally.

Plastic soft tissues autografts or xenogeneic materials. Advantages and disadvantages:

Long-term aesthetic and functional result of prostheses on implants depends on the amount of hard and soft tissues in the implantation area, the depth of the vestibule of the oral cavity, the presence keratinization gums, implant positioning and choice of prosthetic design. The task of the surgeon dentist is a sufficient for implant placement bone volume and soft tissue for the formation of the gingival contour when the normal depth of the vestibule and the presence of attached – keratinizing gums. The master class will be presented:
• Technology of formation of the vestibule of the oral cavity by the method of Kazanian
•Transplantation of free gingival graft for the formation of keratinizing gums
•Fence and transplantation of connective tissue graft in the tunnel and envelope techniques
•Change "biotype" the gums with the use of alternative methods

The course includes a theoretical part and a "live" operation.